Unified Remote

Unified Remote 3.14

Control your computer desktop using your smartphone

Unified Remote is a set of applications that allows controlling your PC remotely. It works as a universal remote when you install the server software on your computer and the client APK on your Android smartphone. The latest versions also allow to do this from Android Wear, so you can control your PC right from your hand.

The Windows application runs from the System Tray, and it´s accessed via web browser. Thus, if you click on its icon, you can start or stop the server, open the manager or the client, as well as inspect the logs. When you open the server’s web interface, it allows you to monitor network parameters, such as Wi-Fi status, firewall access, and input mode. Besides, you can also check up on connections and their state. Furthermore, the tool lets you configure security aspects, as the use of encryption and passwords.

As to the client’s web interface, it allows controlling your computer through a browser. Quite similarly, the client app that runs on your phone lets you do incredible things: such as moving the mouse pointer, entering text, controlling presentations and media playback, among many others.

As said before, the application uses Wi-Fi to communicate with a handheld device. However, it cannot create a hotspot, instead, it uses third-party application. In my case, I have been using Connectify without any difficulties. Moreover, you can also use Bluetooth to establish a link, if it is available.

Some people that I know use this application and they´re very satisfied with it. The free version allows performing most basic operations, described above. However, if you´re willing to pay and access the rest of the features, you can do awesome things like using voice commands many other Windows applications.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It allows controlling most Windows features


  • It cannot create its own hotspot
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